2020 Hispanic Radio Conference Agenda

October 15

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Opening Remarks: Deborah Parenti, Publisher, Radio Ink

Special Guest Master of Ceremonies: Edgar “Shoboy” Sotelo, Marconi Award Winning Personality

Gordon Borrell: “La publicidad está muerta. ¡Viva la publicidad!”
Advertisers have been rushing to embrace new forms of lower-cost digital marketing. As a result, it’s been harder and harder to sell them radio, TV, and newspaper advertising.  Where are they spending their money, and how can radio stations, especially Hispanic radio stations that enjoy especially strong community connections, take advantage of the new trends?  Local advertising guru Gordon Borrell discusses the changing face of “advertising” and how local businesses are beginning to embrace companies that will help them navigate the new, sometimes confusing, marketing landscape.
Gordon Borrell, CEO, Borrell Associates

2020 Election: What’s at Stake for Hispanics and Hispanic Radio
The stakes couldn’t be higher or the battle more intense or divisive. And the potential revenue windfall could not be greater. What’s at stake for Hispanic radio and for its listeners? This is a session you cannot afford to miss. This is election countdown, and your stations need to be prepared and ready for action.
Moderator: Roger Rafson, SVP, Political/Issue Advocacy & Strategic Alliances,
Gen Media Partners
Jason Bailey, Founder/President, Sun Broadcast Group
Tucker Flood, President, Eastman Radio
Mark Fratrik, Ph.D., SVP/Chief Economist, BIA/Kelsey
Leo Kivijarv, Ph.D., EVP/Research, PQ Media

Live and On the Air: What’s Hot, What’s on the Way, and Where We Draw the Line
What’s the newest format on the horizon for Hispanic radio? Which formats are delivering the most revenues, and why? Some of the top minds in Hispanic radio programming weigh in on the biggest programming opportunities and initiatives facing Hispanic formats today, offering a window of perspective on where the product is headed on multiple levels. They’ll also discuss managing personalities in an age of hypersensitivities and “PC,” whether on air or in a social post.
Moderator: Bob Perry, International Radio Programming Consultant
Harold Austin, Partner, Global Media Research & Consulting Partners
Jesus Salas, EVP/Programming and Multi-Platform Coordinator, Spanish Broadcasting System
Manuel Fernandez Téllez, Director of Programming & Production, Grupo ACIR  Mexico

Hispanic Radio Executive Leadership Roundtable
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Hispanic radio’s leaders have always been a dynamic and creative group of strategists and innovators. What’s on their minds in the new decade? Where do they see Hispanic radio platforms growing, expanding, and prime for the biggest revenue opportunities?  All this and more when Hispanic radio leaders sit down and share their thoughts and educated perspectives.
Moderator: Gordon Smith, President/CEO, National Association of Broadcasters
Jesus Lara, President, Univision Radio
Otto Padron, President/CEO, Meruelo Media
Albert Rodriguez, COO, Spanish Broadcasting System

Medallas de Cortez Awards Presentation
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Distinguished Leadership Award Presentation: Emilio Estefan

Special musical tribute by 2X Grammy-nominated BMI Latin artist Elsten Torres
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Cocktail Reception
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October 16

Continental Breakfast
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Decision Makers — The Secret to Securing Appointments
Whether it’s an owner, a marketing director, or a CMO, connecting with decision makers is tough! Getting past gatekeepers or even finding contact info can be a challenge. Matt Sunshine, managing partner of the Center for Sales Strategy and LeadG2, will not only help you connect with decisionmakers, but more importantly, will help get a quality appointment by focusing on what they really want to know. If you’re looking for truly innovative, new ideas on how to rewrite your sales playbook in the new decade with plays that can substantially generate new and better leads, this session is your golden opportunity to do just that. We guarantee  Matt will give you a whole new perspective on your sales organization — and how to up its game in 2020 and beyond.
Matt Sunshine, Managing Partner, Center for Sales Strategy and LeadG2


Washington Update on Dereg & Other Issues: Impact on Hispanic Radio
With the future of further ownership deregulation now in doubt due to recent court rulings, what’s the future for radio groups that are struggling in markets saturated not only with traditional competitors, but a slate of digital ones as well? And what about other issues that are of special concern to Hispanic and minority broadcasters, like foreign ownership and tax certificates? Will the FCC continue to grant more foreign ownership waivers in radio, and will the House move on legislation currently sitting in Congress that will impact broadcasters, especially minority ones, in the coming decade? Or will everything grind to a halt pending the November election? Issues that matter most are on tap in a session that will gaze into the crystal ball and provide plenty of talking points and try to answer a few questions.
Moderator: Frank Montero, Co-managing Partner, Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth
David Honig, President Emeritus & Senior Advisor, Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council
Tomas Martinez, Owner/CEO, Solmart Media
Paul Rotella, President/CEO, New Jersey Broadcasters Association

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Growing Sales: Doing More With Your Assets and Platforms
Our panel of sales and marketing experts will present easy-to-execute sales ideas that can translate into more revenue for your station tomorrow. You’ll hear lots of innovative ways to combine your digital and radio assets into creative client opportunities that will lead to bigger shares and stronger marketing ties. This is one session you can’t afford to miss.
Moderator:  Angelica (Angie) Balderas, SVP/Integrated Marketing Solutions, Entravision Communications/Sacramento
Yaman Coskun, CEO /CCO, Yamanair Creative
Pamela Gressman, Sr. Account Supervisor, Site Impact
Gio Punzo, Co-founder/CEO, Streann Media

Leveling the Playing Field: As the Hispanic Share of Wallet Grows, How Do Brands Allocate Ad Budgets Accordingly?
The browning of America is real. The increasing Hispanic affluence, education, and acculturation is here. With it comes increased spending across an ever-widening array of categories. So how do brands plan accordingly? This panel of diverse players in the game (advertisers, agency buyers and planners, station sales executives) will explore this topic, give their POV on the challenges, successes and frustrations as it relates to the topic. This panel is sure to be informative, practical, and entertaining … don’t miss it
Moderator: Matt Feinberg, Chief Strategy Officer, HRN

Ana Crandell, Group Account Director, OMD Multicultural
Jason Hall, EVP/Sales, Estrella Media  
Rodolfo Ruiz Sosa, VP/Accounts, PM3 Agency

Información Romper
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Billions of Dollars at Stake: 2020 Census & Political Ad Campaigns for Hispanic Radio
Are you ensuring all your audience is being counted as part of the 2020 U.S. Census? Are your radio stations getting their fair share of the billions being spent in political advertising campaigns? In this critical year, Nielsen Audio’s unique solutions are empowering radio stations across the country to create awareness around these two major historic events that will help shape our future in significant ways.
Presenter: Monica Narvaez, Vice President Sales Director, Nielsen Global Media

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Podcasting: What’s the Revenue Potential & Can It Help Grow Radio Audiences?
It’s been years since anything captured the attention and the imagination of radio broadcasters like podcasting. Hear discussion and debate from podcast players and those measuring the platform as they cover today’s podcast landscape and the outlook for the future. They’ll share insights about talent development, brand building, and revenue strategies — and they’ll discuss how and why podcasting and radio are so closely aligned.
Moderator: Eric Garcia, Director of Sales/Radio, Univision
Oscar Sermeno, Director/Market Development,Triton Digital
Matty Staudt, President/Co-founder, Jam Street Media
Rich Tunkel, SVP/Business Development; Nielsen Audio

AIMM: Reframing Marketing in the 21st Century
In its fourth year, the ANA’s Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIIM) has grown to 100 leading marketers from the ecosystem of advertisers, agencies, media, and research with one main goal: accelerating growth from multicultural and inclusive segments. The session will share its impactful initiatives reframing marketing in the 21st century, demonstrating the value of culture in ads and programming through AIMM’s powerful new marketing tool, Cultural Insights Impact Measure™ (CIIM™), as well as inspiring CMOs to genuinely reflect all in their advertisements through #SeeAll.
Presenter: Carlos Santiago, AIMM Co-Founder and Santiago Solutions Group President/Chief Strategist

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Multicultural Marketing to Millennials
According to the Pew Research Center, Latinos are the nation’s youngest major racial or ethnic group, with an average age of 28. Furthermore, Latinos accounted for 25% of the nation’s 54 million K-12 students in 2016, up from 16% in 2000.That means the future of brands, including radio brands, is in the hands of these young Hispanic consumers. Understanding how they use radio, digital, and social media is critical to anyone who wants to grow and expand market share in the 21st century. And this session will give you at least five crucial insights you absolutely need to know to do just that!
Moderator: Carolina Patiño, General Sales Manager, Spanish Broadcasting System/Miami
Annette Malave, SVP, RAB Insights
John Santiago, CEO, M8, an iProspect Company
Gabriel Soto, Manager/Research, Edison Research

Closing Remarks

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