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March 13

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The State of Hispanic Radio
What has the past year, especially the changes and turmoil in Washington, meant for the business climate and Hispanic advertising, especially in terms of radio spending? How are global and domestic events expected to impact those business conditions over the coming year? And what is the role of Hispanic radio in the face of current administration proposals and policies regarding health care, tax cuts, the wall, DACA, and immigration,? How can — and should m Hispanic radio foster unity and greater activism in the communities it serves?
Moderator: Eric Garcia, Audio Revenue Chief, Spanish Broadcasting System and VP/GM, WSKQ & WPAT, New York

Hispanic Radio Music Formats: What’s Hot and What’s on the Way
Hispanic stations compete with CHR and Country for 18-34s today. Will those stations age into older demos, like News/Talk stations — or can they hold on to these younger demos? What’s the newest format on the horizon for Hispanic radio? Ten years after the Spanish Radio Association was invited to express concerns over PPM to the New York City Council, what’s the status in the ears of Hispanic broadcasters about the measurement device today? Some of the top minds in Hispanic radio programming weigh in on the biggest programming opportunities and initiatives facing Hispanic formats today, offering a window of perspective on where the product is headed on multiple levels.

Play Ball — Hispanic Radio and Sports
Hispanic listeners are avid sports fans and big sports radio consumers. And with today’s ability to connect globally, the sports universe is greatly expanded. Listeners can tune into their favorite teams around the world. How can Hispanic radio stations better tap into the power and potential of Hispanic sports — in their ears and at the cash register?

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Medallas de Cortez Awards Presentation
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March 14

Continental Breakfast

Superstars: Where to Find and How to Inspire Tomorrow’s Top Sellers
Attracting and motivating fresh blood to your sales team can also challenge the “conventional wisdom.” First, where do you find new talent? Second, how do you capture their interest and inspire their attention — some of whom may be of a “millennial” mindset? And all the while, how do you teach a “digital native” to understand and relate to clients whose thinking and business practices might lean more toward traditional — who might not appreciate tattoos and unconventional calling habits or today’s more impersonal communications channels? From workplace environment and hours to incentives and organizational structure, these are just a few of the issues challenging both the hiring and the aspiring side of the desk.This lively session will have you rethinking your organization’s structure and how that might improve both bottom line results and job satisfaction for all.

Selling the Sizzle, Selling Beyond (and Without) Numbers
Numbers don’t tell all the story, especially Hispanic radio’s rich and vibrant story. And in small markets or for independent operators, sometimes numbers aren’t even available — or affordable. Telling a station’s story and marketing its audience is an art form, but one that can drive important dollars to your door. Find out from experts who know how to “sell beyond — and without — numbers.” We guarantee you will learn at least one new way to ring your client’s cash registers — and bring more revenue to your bottom line.
Moderator: Tomás Martinez, CEO/Owner, Solmart Media

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Advertiser Super Session
Top Hispanic advertising agency executives offer their perspective on Hispanic radio and what it needs to do to grow and enhance its marketing partnerships with clients.

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Hispanic Radio Executive Leadership Roundtable
Hispanic radio’s leadership sounds off with their vision and outlook for the future of the industry. What they say is always a revelation — and a window into what to expect tomorrow.

Radio to the Rescue: Serving Communities in Times of Disaster
As recent disasters, from hurricanes to earthquakes, have demonstrated, the importance of radio in providing life-saving information and communications is obvious and cannot be compromised. Is your station prepared? How can Hispanic broadcasters take a more active role in lobbying for the FM chip? Learn from broadcasters who have experienced these situations firsthand. Get insight from the FCC’s EAS as well as other critical resources in a session that could be the most important 40 minutes you’ll spend this year.
Moderator: Frank Montero, Co-managing Partner, Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth

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Opportunities for growing Hispanic digital dollars — where to find them — how to maximize advantages among some of the highest-indexing and biggest users of social media and digital platforms.

Up in Smoke — and Other Hot Issues Facing Hispanic Radio
Legalized marijuana and its potential as a new revenue source stir up a whole pot of questions and challenges for broadcasters. Weeding through the legal issues and uncovering the opportunities of marijuana advertising and other matters that can lead to where the “grass is greener” on the ad dollar side are the topics of this lively closing session.

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