2020 Hispanic Radio Conference Agenda

March 25

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Opening Remarks: Deborah Parenti, Publisher, Radio Ink


2020 Election: What’s at Stake for Hispanics and Hispanic Radio
The stakes couldn’t be higher or the battle more intense or divisive. And the potential revenue windfall could not be greater. What’s at stake for Hispanic radio and for its listeners? This is a session you cannot afford to miss. This is election countdown, and your stations need to be prepared and ready for action.

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Live and On the Air: What’s Hot, What’s on the Way, and Where We Draw the Line?
What’s the newest format on the horizon for Hispanic radio? Which formats are delivering the most revenues, and why? Some of the top minds in Hispanic radio programming weigh in on the biggest programming opportunities and initiatives facing Hispanic formats today, offering a window of perspective on where the product is headed on multiple levels. They’ll also discuss managing personalities in an age of hypersensitivities and “PC,” whether on air or in a social post.

Hispanic Radio Executive Leadership Roundtable
Hispanic radio’s leaders have always been a dynamic and creative group of strategists and innovators. What’s on their minds in the new decade? Where do they see Hispanic radio platforms growing, expanding, and prime for the biggest revenue opportunities?  All this and more when Hispanic radio leaders sit down and share their thoughts and educated perspectives.

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March 26

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Washington Update on Dereg & Other Issues: Impact on Hispanic Radio
With the future of further ownership deregulation now in doubt due to recent court rulings, what’s the future for radio groups that are struggling in markets saturated not only with traditional competitors, but a slate of digital ones as well? And what about other issues that are of special concern to Hispanic and minority broadcasters, like foreign ownership, tax certificates, CBD and marijuana ads, or music licensing? Will the FCC continue to grant more foreign ownership waivers in radio, and will the House move on tax certificates, marijuana legalization, and music licensing legislation currently sitting in Congress? Or will everything grind to a halt pending the November election? And what will be the impact of that election be on radio and the FCC? Issues that matter most are on tap in a session that will gaze into the crystal ball and provide plenty of talking points and try to answer a few questions.


Growing Sales: Why Door-to-Door Still Works
Our panel of sales gurus from Hispanic and non-Hispanic stations will present 10 easy-to-execute sales ideas that can translate into more revenue for your station tomorrow. You’ll hear lots of innovative ways to combine your digital and radio assets into creative client opportunities that can lead to bigger shares and stronger marketing ties. This is one session you can’t afford to miss.

Advertiser Roundtable
Hispanic advertising agency executives and clients offer their perspective on Hispanic radio and what it needs to do to grow and enhance its marketing partnerships with clients.

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Podcasting: What’s the Revenue Potential & Can It Help Grow Radio Audiences?
It’s been years since anything captured the attention and the imagination of radio broadcasters like podcasting. Hear discussion and debate from pure podcast players who will cover today’s podcast landscape and the outlook for the future. They’ll share insights about talent development, brand building, and revenue strategies — and they’ll discuss how and why podcasting and radio are so closely aligned.


Multicultural Marketing to Millennials
According to the Pew Research Center, Latinos are the nation’s youngest major racial or ethnic group, with an average age of 28. Furthermore, Latinos accounted for 25% of the nation’s 54 million K-12 students in 2016, up from 16% in 2000.That means the future of brands, including radio brands, is in the hands of these young Hispanic consumers. Understanding how they use radio, digital, and social media is critical to anyone who wants to grow and expand market share in the 21st century. And this session will give you at least five crucial insights you absolutely need to know to do just that!


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