Time Is Running Out

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The Hispanic Radio Conference, coming this Tuesday andWednesday, March 28-29, in Fort Lauderdale, offers an amazing lineup of speakers and panelists.

If you don’t care about the future of radio, stay home.

If you have a vested interest in radio, however, shouldn’t you be there?

Whether or not you work in Hispanic radio, Hispanic radio impacts who listens to what, and who advertisers with whom. The clock is ticking but it’s not too late to join these exciting speakers for two days of thoughtful, informative sessions and networking at the Hispanic Radio Conference.



FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly

Speakers & Panelists


Are You On This List?

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Register Today to Ensure Your Seat at the Hispanic Radio Conference

The heart and center of Hispanic radio is heading to Fort Lauderdale as the industry’s most forward-thinking companies, researchers, and programmers attend the Hispanic Radio Conference, March 28-29. Record numbers of Hispanic radio broadcasters will be there, discussing revenue and ratings — and how to increase them — and sharing sales strategies, market research, programming tips, and crucial projections about the hottest market in media.

And just as important, they will be discussing general political and economic issues facing the country — and their stations — today and in the months to come. Can Hispanic radio leverage its power of persuasion to impact or even change where the nation is headed?

How will you know if you don’t join the conversation?

What you don’t know — what you don’t share or don’t say — WILL hurt you. Don’t put your head in the sand. Your competitors will be at the Hispanic Radio Conference, taking notes and learning ways to leverage the fastest-growing demographic into success for the future of their communities and for their bottom line!

Attending the Hispanic Radio Conference:

ABG Marketing
Actualidad Media
AL & CM Broadcasting
Alliance Radio Network
Beasley Broadcast Group
C-Com Group
Clip Interactive
Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute
Corona Spanish Media
Craig Zinn Automotive Group
Cumulus Media
Curtis Media
Davis Broadcasting
Emmis Communications
Entravision Communications
ESPN Deportes Radio
Federal Communications Commission
Fleishman Hillard
Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth
Flood Communications
Gen Media Partners
Glades Media
Harker/Bos Group
iHeart Media
Katz Digital Group
KRG Partnerships
KXTQ-FM/Lubbock, TX
Lazer/Sacramento, Modesto, Merced
LBI Media
Miami Media School
National Association of Broadcasters
New Jersey Broadcasters Association
Nielsen Audio
Norsan Group
OMD Multicultural
Patrick Communications
R Communications
Radio Advertising Bureau
Radio Express
Solmart Media
Spanish Broadcasting System
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Sun Broadcast Group
TAA Music
Tantara Capital
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Tieline, The Codec Company
Triton Digital
Vici Media
Westwood One
WSKQ/New York
Zubi Advertising

Book Now: The Hispanic Radio Conference has secured a limited number of rooms at the Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty Six at a special conference rate. Book your room now before they are gone!


Are You A Change Agent?

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ChangeThingIn the midst of an unnerving political, social, and economic game with twists, turns, and apparently no rules, Hispanic radio is poised to be a game-changer, thanks to the major influence it holds with an audience that is young, connected, and growing at a faster rate than any population in this country.

Now more than ever, the broadcast industry, in particular Hispanic radio, has the opportunity to demonstrate the power of the Hispanic listener consumer, to make sure their numbers are properly counted and to demand they be recognized when the deals are being made. At the Hispanic Radio Conference, you will get the tools you need to better represent this vital group and leverage its strength into ratings and revenue.

The Hispanic Radio Conference has assembled a dynamic group of agency executives and the industry’s best managers and sellers to discuss new strategies and platforms that will please both listeners and buyers. Industry leaders and economists who will give their spin on the economic outlook and potential growth. Federal Communications Commission Commissioner Michael O’Rielly, offering exclusive insight into the new commission and its robust plans and how it will affect you. Top programmers to help you understand, attract, and keep younger listeners and experts in research and measurement to show you how to better play their numbers.

The Hispanic Radio Conference is the industry’s only gathering of Hispanic broadcasters. Meet with your peers, the managers, sellers, and programmers who share your passion for serving the Hispanic community, to discuss the issues and concerns you share as you plan for the future.

Exciting and vital panels and discussions, exclusive presentations, the Medallas de Cortez awards ceremony, and the chance to meet, network, and socialize with radio’s best and brightest in a beautiful resort setting, don’t miss the Hispanic Radio Conference.

Book Now: The Hispanic Radio Conference has secured a limited number of rooms at the Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty Six at a special conference rate. Book your room now before they are gone!

The Most Important Sale You’ll Make

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Businesspeople at Conference Table

Hispanic radio can sell groceries, cell phones, cars, and furniture, but can it sell itself? The radio industry as a whole often complains that agencies are out of touch — that ad execs in New York or L.A. don’t “get” radio’s impact on real consumers.

Is this true, or does radio fail to make the most important first sale, selling itself to the agency? What do agencies and their buyers want to hear about your station, your digital, and your listeners? Hispanic radio delivers a young, connected, and growing population. How can you leverage this into successful, long-term client relationships?

At the Hispanic Radio Conference, top advertising executives will offer their insight in a panel discussion: View From the Top: Hispanic Advertising Agency Forecast. They have answers to your questions on how to woo, win, and keep agencies and clients. This could help set your revenue expectations for this year and next.


bailey_jay110x145Jason Bailey is the founder and CEO of Sun Broadcast Group, Inc., a national radio sales and syndication company, recently named one of the fastest-growing companies in America by Inc. Magazine. Bailey has been at the forefront of innovation in the national radio space for more than 20 years and has championed new products designed to reshape how radio is programmed, measured, bought, and consumed. The most notable is the recently launched Shazam for Radio, a first-of-its-kind platform allowing broadcasters to create live, interactive mobile content directly from their terrestrial radio broadcasts.


Crandall_Ana110x145Ana Crandell is group account director for OMD Multicultural. Born and raised in Bolivia, she moved to the United States at the age of 16. She started her advertising career at Lopez Negrete Communications, a full-service U.S. Hispanic agency in Houston. While there, Crandell played an integral role in winning the Walmart U.S. Hispanic business. She then moved to Miami to join the media department of Alma DDB, where she managed the U.S. Hispanic efforts for a broad roster of clients including McDonald’s, State Farm, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Crandell played an integral role in the creation of OMD Multicultural, launched in 2004. As the Midwest and East regional lead, she has increased the region’s multicultural acumen by infusing a “total market” approach into the overall practice, and developed proprietary studies such as “#miComunidad” — designed to better understand the role social media plays within U.S. Hispanic’s shopping, buying, and post-retail experience.

sanchez_isabella110x145Isabella Sánchez is Zubi Advertising’s vice president of media integration. She has over 20 years of Hispanic media experience with many of the largest advertisers in the U.S. Hispanic market. At Zubi, she oversees all integrated media for American Airlines, Chase, Ford Motor Co., California Ford Dealers Association, Olive Garden, and Sunny Delight. Before Zubi, Sánchez was VP and managing director of Tapestry, a division of Starcom MediaVest Group. Previously, she served as vice president and director of media services for the Bravo Group, part of the WPP family. Sánchez currently serves as chairperson of the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies Media Committee. In 2003, she was honored as the AHAA and Media Planning Executive of the Year.

NOTE: Early-bird registration ends TODAY, March 13! Register now  and save $200.

Book Now: The Hispanic Radio Conference has secured a limited number of rooms at the Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty Six at a special conference rate. Book your room now before they are gone!

Will Trump Kill Hispanic Radio?

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Politics aside, whether you love him or hate him, there is something going on right now that could impact Hispanic radio so badly that stations could be forced to change formats or have difficulty surviving.

Because of rumor, fear, and misinformation about what Trump intends to do regarding the possible deportation of illegal immigrants, and because of ICE raids capturing known felons in many communities, there has been a sudden disappearance of Hispanics in many communities.

In some predominantly Hispanic communities, retailers are reporting empty stores. Restaurants are reporting that they have no customers. Employers are saying that Hispanic workers have stopped showing up for work. Even schools are reporting children not showing up for class.

Will the fear of deportation keep the community of Hispanic undocumented immigrants underground? Have they left their communities and moved elsewhere?

Though Hispanics make up a high percentage of the population in many U.S. cities today, retailers fear their businesses could be seriously wounded because of this sudden apprehension among the estimated 10 million consumers who are living in fear of deportation.

How will this affect your business and your advertisers? How will this impact not only Hispanic-formatted radio stations, but all radio stations because of the younger generation of bilingual listeners?

More importantly, what can you do to protect your stations and your income and help your advertisers and your community?

In 2007, I started the Hispanic Radio Conference after seeing footage of millions of Hispanic people taking to the streets of Los Angeles. It was clear then that the Hispanic factor in America is important to to our stations and our advertisers.

In seven previous conferences, we’ve addressed issues to help stations determine their correct course of action, and have seen overall increases in Hispanic radio spending as a result of our efforts to unify the Hispanic radio industry.

Yet because of this very volatile and dangerous situation, we are pulling out all the stops for the eighth Hispanic Radio Conference to make sure that we address these critical issues head on and offer solutions. Further, we will avoid contributing to misinformation and focus on the facts you need to know to operate your business for the coming year to avoid a significant dip in business.

We’ll not only tell you what you need to communicate to your audiences, but also how to keep advertisers advertising and how to eliminate their fears so they don’t freeze all spending.

This is probably the most important Hispanic Radio Conference in history. If you have a large Hispanic audience, advertisers who target that audience, or Spanish-language radio stations, you need to move into emergency mode now. The decisions you make now will impact your income — and your survival.

I urge you to take this seriously. If these issues have not hit your market yet, it’s just a matter of time. If the Hispanic market makes up any part of your income or listenership, you need to get on an airplane, spend a day and a half in Fort Lauderdale March 28-29, and take this moment in time very seriously. Your future may depend on it.

Eric Rhoads
Streamline Publishing/Radio Ink

PS: Though I know this sounds a bit alarming, I sincerely believe there is reason for alarm. I’m hearing from broadcasters who are telling me the stores became empty from the moment the rumors started flying about ICE raids. I believe it’s our job to address these issues head on and use the brainpower of the experts we’re providing to help you cope with these issues and address the coming impact on your market.

Whatever your politics are is not relevant at this moment. There are facts that are impacting every community, every economy, and many local businesses, and that impact could affect your business. We want to prepare you in the best way possible. I hope you’ll consider attending. We’ve designed this conference so you can fly in early morning, spend one night away, and fly out the next day. In a very short day and a half, we will provide you with the intelligence you need to make decisions in your business.

Register now for the Hispanic Radio Conference. 

Book Now: The Hispanic Radio Conference has secured a limited number of rooms at the Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty Six at a special conference rate. Book your room now before they are gone!





Look At This Lineup

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The Hispanic Radio Conference, coming up March 28-29 in Fort Lauderdale, offers an amazing lineup of speakers and panelists. Look who’s going to be there — shouldn’t you be there too?



FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly

 Speakers & Panelists

URGENT: The special hotel block reserved for the conference is nearly sold out. Book soon, or risk paying full Florida rates in the prime tourist season. Don’t miss out! Click here to book your room now.

The Hispanic Radio Conference, March 28-29 in Fort Lauderdale, is the only conference dedicated solely to Hispanic radio. Now in its 8th year, the conference attracts the industry’s key leadership in management, sales, and programming, whose combined audience reaches approximately 95% of the 50+ million Hispanics in this country.

Register Today! Early Bird Pricing Ends Friday, March 10!

Is It Local Or Is It…

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WakeupClockIt’s 6 a.m. Do You Know Where Your Morning Show Is?
Do Your Listeners? Does It Matter?

Down the hall or across the country, when does local or syndicated make a difference? 

Local or syndicated is one of the most difficult decisions a manager or programmer can make. Syndicated talent brings the buzz of a well-known name, the access to major artists and entertainers, and high production quality. Yet that national star cannot drive your auto association’s new car or open a new club or venue.

Local personalities can generate hometown loyalty, sponsorships, and endorsements and represent the station in the community, but their resources are limited — and local stars need time to develop fans and numbers. What are the factors to consider? Immediate costs? Market size? Is there a “honeymoon period,” and can you go back without alienating listeners and sponsors? Does a station sacrifice continuity and “synergy” when combining in-house and syndicated talent? How does it affect the industry as a whole?

At the Hispanic Radio Conference, our Behind the Radio Mic: Live and Local or Syndicated? panel experts will help you and your programmers make sense of the benefits both local and syndicated offer and what to expect after the dust has settled.


MikeMcVay110x145Mike McVay is SVP/programming for Cumulus Media and Cumulus Media Networks. His career spans over 35 years as a programmer, with consulting, management, ownership, and on-air experience, and he has developed and launched several nationally syndicated programs. He has programmed over 300 stations around the world. Among his numerous awards, McVay is a recipient of the Rockwell Award and was named one of the Top 40 Most Influential People in Radio by Radio Ink on its 2016 annual list. He is a member of the Country Radio Broadcasters board of directors and serves as an adviser to several media organizations.


joseotero110x145Jose (Gonzo) Otero is national Hispanic brand manager and program director of WZTU/Miami. He was born in San Diego, CA, and started his radio career in 1998 in Tijuana, on air and in the creative department. He joined Univision Radio in 2004 and later worked at MVS Radio and Grupo Uniradio. He came to iHeartMedia in 2009 and has served as an air personality, PD, digital brand coordinator, operations manager, and national Hispanic brand manager, as well as supervised and developed multiple brands in Chicago, Fresno, and most recently Miami. Otero was instrumental in branding the iHeartRadio app to the Hispanic community nationally, working closely with local and national sales teams, and has produced iHeartMedia’s international tentpole event Fiesta Latina since 2014. Otero recently moved to Miami to program WZTU 94.9 and work with the recently created iHeartLatino platform.

jesussalas110x145Jesus Salas is EVP/programming and multi-platform coordinator for Spanish Broadcasting System. He began his career as an air personality and got his first programming job at age 19. In 1997, he was named PD for WSKQ-FM & WPAT-FM/New York. Salas has also held a post as senior PD with XM Satellite Radio. While at XM he spearheaded a successful national marketing campaign to grow the Hispanic subscriber base. In his current post with SBS, Salas oversees stations in the top U.S. Hispanic markets of New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, and Puerto Rico.

sotelo110x145Eduardo “Piolin” Sotelo is host of the nationally syndicated morning show El Show de Piolin, which debuted in 2015 and currently airs on 60 stations across the country. His career in U.S. radio personifies a modern day cross-cultural success story. After catching the attention of HBC in 2002, his show Piolín Por La Manaña soon dominated the ratings and was syndicated coast-to-coast. In 2006, he was credited with mobilizing the largest civil demonstrations in American history through massive rallies in Los Angeles and other major American cities on behalf of immigration reform. He has been inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame and was named Top Spanish Format Personality by the NAB for 2006, 2008, and 2010.

Do You Have Vision?

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Crowd of People Raising Their Hands

It started with a vision. Great, defining things usually do.

The year was 2006. News outlets were reporting on a march in Los Angeles, 500,000 people strong, to protest a proposed federal crackdown on illegal immigration. Eric Rhoads was watching and listening.

If Hispanic radio, and in particular radio personality Piolin —  both credited for playing a significant role in mobilizing participants — could have such a powerful influence, what if Hispanic radio professionals banded together and harnessed their combined influence to expand and enhance its growth?

Out of that question came a vision, resulting in the first Hispanic Radio Conference, held in 2007.

The Hispanic Radio Conference broke important new ground, bringing together the leadership of Hispanic radio.

It also served as a touchpoint for the sector’s professionals by inspiring stations, brands, advertisers, media companies, and those working in Hispanic radio and providing them with solid information and ideas on how to better take advantage of current opportunities in the marketplace. And not only the Hispanic marketplace, but in general and more broadly as well.

And the coveted Medallas de Cortez awards were established, the only awards dedicated solely to Hispanic radio, named in honor of Raoul Cortez, founder of KCOR-AM, the first Spanish-language radio station in the United States.

This year marks the eighth Hispanic Radio Conference. The conference continues to be an umbrella event for Hispanic broadcasters — an annual opportunity to share ideas, discuss and debate challenges in a multi-platform world, and network in a unified setting.

It’s also grown and evolved, however, in recognition of the need to look at the bigger picture. As Hispanic stations are now poised to compete more vigorously in markets across the country, it’s increasingly important to look “outside the box.” In addition to terrific Hispanic radio participants, this year’s Hispanic Radio Conference includes a lot of smart idea creators and innovation makers. Speakers and panelists include representatives from BIA/Kelsey, C-Com, Clip Interactive, Craig Zinn Automotive Group, Fleishman Hillard, Harker Research, NAB, Triton Digital,Vici Media and more.

Plus, FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly will provide the opening keynote. You’ll not only hear firsthand where he thinks the new FCC is headed, he will entertain some of your questions as well.

What began as a vision in 2006 is today a vibrant conference, eight years strong. Even if you aren’t part of a Hispanic radio station, if you compete with one in your market, you need to be there. What you learn at this conference can help you plan your strategy on the air and in the street tomorrow.

Will you be there?

Deborah Parenti
Publisher, Radio Ink


Are Advertisers Getting The Real Story?

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Buyers want to know all about you, often before your first meeting. They demand, and receive, your ratings, your demographics, and your digital analytics. With so many platforms reporting information about you, do the numbers that define your station add up? Are advertisers able to see the real story behind the many different metrics?

Whoever counts and describes your listeners — and how they do it — determines the value of your programming and audience. Are you winning — or losing — on your rating and share or on your page numbers? At the Radio Ink Hispanic Radio Conference, top experts from measurement, research, and programming will meet to discuss how the system works — for and against you — and how you can turn it to your advantage.

What can you do if your results don’t agree with the numbers or analytics? Does Hispanic radio face a disadvantage with measurements that rely on self-reporting participation? The Playing the Ratings Game to Win: Issues and Opportunities panelists will address the tough questions you and your buyers have with today’s information overload. Your bottom line could be counting on it.


Jose Villafañe is president of national sales for Entravision Communications, where he oversees national sales for spot radio, television, network syndication, and events. He is a 20-year broadcast media veteran and has worked in both national and local management sales for both radio and television.  He has previously worked at Univision, Radio Unica, and Katz Media Group.


Richard Harker is senior partner at Harker Research. He began his radio career in 1970, working part-time for an “underground” FM station while attending the University of Oregon. He spent the next 13 years working at radio stations owned by some well-remembered groups like RKO General, Metromedia, Atlantic Ventures, and King Broadcasting, gradually working his way through the ranks ultimately serving as general manager. Harker made the transition to radio market research and consulting in 1983, first serving as vice president for Coleman Research, then forming his own company in 1990. Harker Research now provides a wide range of research services to media outlets throughout North America, South America, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

Rich Tunkel is vice president/sales director for Nielsen Audio, where he specializes in multicultural media research and is responsible for Nielsen’s corporate relationship with the largest Spanish broadcasters in the country. Tunkel also manages Nielsen’s radio station sales and service professionals in the Northeastern United States. He earlier served at Arbitron as the key liaison with television and cable networks during the first U.S.-based test of the Portable People Meter. Tunkel also oversaw sales for Arbitron’s online radio ratings service and was previously vice president of radio sales at Scarborough Research.

Jammin’ Johnny Caride is program supervisor for SBS Miami and  PD of WXDJ/Miami. A Miami native of Cuban parents, he began his radio career in 1986 as a music mixer and radio host. After many successful years on the air, he was offered an opportunity to join SBS as a promotions director, expanding his career in radio and becoming an expert in his new role. But his love for the microphone and one-on-one connection with the audience brought him back to the airwaves as on-air talent for WXDJ-FM. His high-energy style and commitment to the listeners is his secret for success!

Book Now: The Hispanic Radio Conference has secured a limited number of rooms at the Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty Six at a special conference rate. Book your room now before they are gone!