EXCLUSIVE: A Conversation with Top Hispanic Radio Group Leaders

By March 6, 2019Updates

It started with a clear but simple vision rooted in a singular premise; that Hispanic radio could be a powerful force and an agent for change – as a medium and as a societal catalyst.

Because if Hispanic radio personalities could engage its listeners with a passion that would inspire them to unite in a singular cause, why couldn’t its leadership do the same with advertisers, financial backers, and policy makers. Why couldn’t they use their combined influence to grow their voice within the industry and across their communities?

And so the idea became a reality called the “Hispanic Radio Conference” and on ten occasions, this gathering is doing something many find remarkable.

It brings Hispanic radio, and more importantly, Hispanic radio leaders together to debate, discuss, and determine their future. To examine the challenges and review the opportunities facing their segment of the industry and the industry at large.

It starts at the top

The Hispanic Radio Conference is pleased to present an up close and frank conversation with two of Hispanic radio’s top leaders.

Jesus Lara President, Univision

Albert Rodriguez COO, Spanish Broadcasting System

This is a rare, almost unheard of, opportunity to hear these powerful leaders present their vision for the future of the radio industry, both Hispanic and general, together on one stage. And that just doesn’t happen – not hardly at all.

Don’t miss this very special conversation that will address issues facing Hispanic radio as well as how unity within the Hispanic ranks of the industry can impact its future and the future of its constituency.

Moderated by Adam Jacobson Editor in Chief RBR+TVBR


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About the Hispanic Radio Conference

The Hispanic Radio Conference is the only conference dedicated solely to Hispanic radio. Now in its 10th year, the conference attracts the industry’s key leadership in management, sales, and programming, whose combined audience reaches approximately 95 percent of the 59+ million Hispanics in this country.

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