Why You Need To Know Gen Z

By January 29, 2019Updates

How well do you know Gen Z? And the impact they are having on your business?

Generation Z are not the same as millennials. In fact, they will soon outnumber millennials, becoming the largest generation, and one set to change the world.
Born after 1996, they arrived in the age of the Internet. They are the primary influencers on every social media platform.

And they are changing the way audio is consumed.

Your audio. Your social media platforms.

Shouldn’t you learn more about them?

Cross-cultural Gen Z and the Changing Audio Behavior of Today’s Youth Markets

The Hispanic Radio Conference is proud to present a groundbreaking session that will take an in-depth look at the youngest and most diverse generation in American history and how they will change the radio and audio marketplace.

Don’t miss Jose Villa, president and chief strategy officer of Sensis, who will present the latest data from the Sensis “We Are Gen Z Report” and other recent research on changing audio listening behavior, preferences, and implications for the Hispanic radio industry.

Gen Z is the first generation to be raised in the era of smartphones. Many do not remember a time before social media.

And Gen Z is a demographic, a lifestyle, and a totally new societal culture that is changing how brands and marketers need to approach them. What you learn from this session can help plot your station’s future growth direction — and the strategy to get there. This is one you won’t want to miss, whether your station is Hispanic – or not!

About Jose Villa

Jose Villa is the founder and president/chief strategy officer of Sensis, a cross-cultural marketing agency driving behavior change. Villa has more than 20 years of experience in advertising and multicultural marketing across a variety of industries. He has
pioneered a new “cross-cultural” approach to reaching the diverse American mainstream and been on the forefront of the debate regarding the “total market approach.” His thought-provoking analyses of advertising at the intersection of technology and culture are published regularly on MediaPost, Ad Age, and numerous industry trade publications. Villa is also a regular speaker at advertising and digital conferences such as SXSW, MediaPost, and Ad:Tech. He has co-authored a ground-breaking five-part study into multicultural millennials entitled the Hispanic Millennial Project as well as the innovative new study on cross-cultural youth called the “We Are Gen Z” Report.

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