You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

By January 22, 2019Updates

And what you don’t know might be the key to ratings and revenue growth – the difference between making your budget and hitting your numbers – or not!

How will Gen Z change audio listening behavior and preferences — and what will the the impact be on Hispanic radio?


Could I get some pointers on podcasting and how it can help grow my station’s audience base and revenue?

What are two new game-changing discoveries that can impact direct clients’ thinking about advertising and marketing?

Want to own a station? Buy more? Operate more efficiently? There’s a session for that — best practices every operation needs to understand to succeed in business today.

Worried about job security? Find out how NOT to be replaced by programmatic buying.


How has the Fair Play charter impacted Hispanic radio since its implementation, and what’s on the horizon?

What could further ownership deregulation mean to Hispanic broadcasters?

Is marijuana advertising a growing opportunity?

What’s the impact of the Music Modernization Act?

When it comes to smart speakers, social media, and digital platforms, what’s hot, what’s not, and where should I be placing my resources?

This and a lot more… at the Hispanic Radio Conference!

We’ve got answers – to these questions and many more!

Make no mistake. The Hispanic Radio Conference is not just for Hispanic radio stations.

If you compete with Hispanic radio or if Hispanic/Latino listeners are part of your audience, you need to be there.

Dynamic, digitally savvy, and big radio users, this segment of the population continues to grow in numbers and wields enormous economic clout.

Get on board. Register for the Hispanic Radio Conference today. Don’t be left out of an opportunity that will deliver dividends tomorrow and for years to come!

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